Hello! Thank you for your interest in applying for the LGBTQ Writers in Schools Program in partnership with New York City Public Schools and theNYC School Library System. Please visit our LGBTQ Writers in Schools Program Application Page 2023-24 (Password: TEACHER) to go over all the program information. We will also need a few things from you so make sure you have this information handy:

  • School Information
  • Please have your DBN ready. This consists of your school's geographic district, borough letter, and school number (03M333 - Geographic district is 03, Borough is Manhattan, School number is 333). Find your school's geographic district and school number here: https://teachnyc.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360053601831-What-is-a-DBN-District-Borough-Number-
  • School Leader Name and Email
  • If you are working with another librarian/educator, their name and email (preferred email for all program communications.
  • School Title 1 status

Since 2015, Lambda Literary's LGBTQ Writers in Schools program and the New York City Public Schools have worked together to bring award-winning LGBTQ+ writers into schools to discuss LGBTQ+ life and literature. This virtual and in-person program brings reading to life by connecting students with working LGBTQ+ authors and creates a safer space for all students by building empathy for the LGBTQ+ experience. It also offers LGBTQ+ students the rare opportunity to see their identity reflected in the books they read at school and offers non-LGBTQ students insight into the beauty, complexity, and humanity of LGBTQ+ life.

How does this program work?

The program operates through a structured two-part framework:

Part One (August to November/Early December):

During this initial phase, the application, acceptance, professional development, and author selection process take place. This involves educators applying for the program showcasing their interest, capabilities, and readiness to implement LGBTQ+ inclusive curriculum for their students. Lambda Literary collaborates closely with New York City Public Schools to review and adjudicate applications. The selection process reflects educators' dedication to fostering a secure and affirming environment for all students. Within this period, educators also participate in a comprehensive professional development workshop. This workshop equips them with information about the program mission, information, and process with the tools and insights necessary to create a safe space for discussion as well as preparation for the visit.  Additionally, the author selection and scheduling process takes place during this phase, ensuring a seamless alignment of resources and scheduling for the visits.

Part Two (January 15, 2024, to June 26, 2024; Workshops and LGBTQ+ Youth Poet Laureate Residency begin the week of January 8, 2024):

The second phase spans from January 15, 2024, to June 26, 2024. This is when the program's visits occur. After acceptance into the program, educators are provided with a well-curated catalog featuring age-appropriate and culturally sensitive LGBTQ+ titles. Educators have the autonomy to select a specific author and book from this catalog, aligning with their classroom objectives and student demographics. Lambda Literary then takes the lead in arranging and facilitating all aspects of the author's visit. This includes logistical coordination, support, and guidance throughout the visit. Post-visit evaluations are also administered to assess the impact of the visit and gather valuable insights for the program's continuous enhancement.

This comprehensive approach ensures a well-structured and impactful experience for educators and students alike. It empowers educators to incorporate LGBTQ+ literature into their curriculum effectively while fostering a safe and validating learning environment for students.

What we offer

Author visits

Lambda Literary's LGBTQ Writers in Schools program is dedicated to fostering enriching interactions between LGBTQ+ authors, their books, and educational settings. Through both virtual and in-person formats, this program extends its reach to classrooms, book clubs, and schools. This experience serves as a critical platform for LGBTQ+ students and their allies to engage with impactful literature and explore their identities within safe and supportive spaces.

Upon admission, you can anticipate a comprehensive package that encompasses multiple aspects:

  • Professional Development: Acquire valuable tools and insights for guiding discussions on LGBTQ literature and related subjects.
  • Author Interaction: Engage in real-time interaction with a prominent LGBTQ+ author, either virtually or in person, creating an immersive experience for students.
  • Classroom Book Set: Receive a complete set of the chosen LGBTQ+ title for your classroom, enabling students to explore the material more deeply.
  • Standard Visits: Accommodate up to 35 students and 2 educators, fostering an intimate and engaging environment. This includes a curricular visit (a visit to a class) or an extracurricular visit (a visit to a self-selected book club or gathering such as a GSA).
  • Larger Group Visits: Options available for larger group visits involving 2 or more classes, facilitated by a single author.
  • All-School Visits: Limited opportunities for all-school visits also exist.
  • Visit and Workshop: You may fill out an application for a visit or mini-poetry workshop and an application for the 8-week writing workshops to enhance the educational impact.

1-Hour Mini-Poetry Workshop

We offer one-hour poetry workshops tailored for grades K-12 in NYC public schools, adaptable for both curricular and extracurricular contexts. These workshops prioritize a comprehensive understanding of poetic craft and facilitate the creation of original poems. Our skilled poet instructors may draw upon their own work or utilize pieces from LGBTQ+ poets and LGBTQ+-centered literature as reference material, as required. Each workshop accommodates a maximum of 35 students, ensuring an engaging and focused learning experience.

As part of the workshop, students will also receive a book or a selection of poems, enhancing their exposure to diverse voices and perspectives within the LGBTQ+ literary realm. This initiative aims to cultivate students' creative expression, deepen their grasp of poetry, and foster an inclusive and enriching learning environment.

Writing Residencies

We offer 8-week writing workshops and one  4-month LGBTQ+ Youth Poet Laureate Residency to LGBTQ+ New York City Public Schools high school students. These residencies are intended to foster creativity, artistic commitment, mentorship, performance, and literary citizenship for LGBTQ+ high school students.

Writing Workshops (open to grades 9-12; max 12 students per workshop)

The writing workshop residency is open to NYC public high school LGBTQ+ students to learn the craft and technique of creative writing. The workshop is an open and safe atmosphere where they can discover their queer voices through creative expression. A queer-identified writing mentor will lead in-school queer-centered writing workshops in a specific genre including fiction, poetry, and personal narrative. The workshops will run for 8 consecutive weeks from Jan 8 - March 2024 with each session lasting 60-90 minutes. The end goal for each in-school residency is to produce a finished piece to be included in a professionally designed ebook anthology of the student’s writing. Our 2023 student anthology is available here. 

NEW! LGBTQ+ Youth Poet Laureate Virtual Residency (open to students in grades 9-12)

This Residency is not available through this application. This element will be introduced and explained at the Professional Development Workshop on November 17, 2023.

The aim of the residency is to help LGBTQ+ youth poets improve their poetry, perform their work, engage in literary citizenship, and commit to their own artistic practice. LGBTQ+ Youth Poet Laureate. This fellowship is open to all poets including spoken word poets.

This program is exclusively for LGBTQ+ high school students within New City Public Schools. It offers a transformative 4-month poetry mentorship led by LGBTQ+ teaching artists. Participants will engage in bi-monthly sessions lasting 60-90 minutes over the course of 4 months, commencing on January 8-12, 2024. Additionally, each student will have the opportunity for two private 45-60-minute one-on-one virtual meetings with the teaching artist throughout the residency. These meetings will be conducted via Zoom after school hours, spanning January to April 2024 (exact timing to be confirmed).

The workshops are designed to delve into craft elements and generative writing, ultimately guiding participants in creating 3 - 5 polished poems. A central highlight of the program is the public reading scheduled for June 2024, providing a platform for participants to showcase their work. Additionally, one distinguished LGBTQ+ poetry fellow will have the chance to be considered for publication.

This initiative aims to empower LGBTQ+ high school students, nurturing their poetic skills, fostering a sense of community, and celebrating their unique voices in the literary landscape.

LGBTQ Writers in Schools Eligibility and Expectations


  • Eligibility: The program is open exclusively to K-12 schools within New York City Public Schools.
  • Virtual Training: All participants are required to attend the virtual Professional Development training.
  • Program Commitment: Participants are expected to fully commit to the program, which includes: Reading the selected book along with students; Preparing for the author's visit by initiating discussions and preparing relevant questions; Facilitating and guiding discussions during the author's visit; Centering the discussion around the LGBTQ+ experience and identity
  • Principal Approval: Prior to participation, all interested individuals must obtain approval from their school's principal to engage in the program.
  • Creating a Safe Environment: A paramount consideration is the creation of a secure, inclusive, and respectful environment for both students and authors.
  • Experience in Diverse Curriculum and Instruction: The Classroom Teacher or School Librarian should have a proven track record in delivering curriculum and instruction that encompasses a wide range of diverse themes. This experience ensures that they are equipped to effectively engage students from various backgrounds and perspectives.
  • Familiarity with LGBTQ+ Issues: It is essential for the Classroom Teacher or School Librarian to possess a solid understanding of LGBTQ+ issues. This knowledge equips them to navigate discussions and facilitate dialogue around LGBTQ+ topics in a sensitive and informed manner.
  • Educator Collaboration: In the event that you are collaborating with another individual for a single visit, please submit only one application unless both individuals intend to have separate visits. 

These criteria and requirements ensure a cohesive and enriching experience for all participants, promoting effective engagement, and fostering a welcoming space for both students and authors.


By expressing interest in an author visit, mini poetry workshop, or writing workshop, you acknowledge and consent to the following terms:

  • LGBTQ Writers in Schools Attendance: LGBTQ Writers in Schools staff will be extended an invitation to attend all visits and will be present during the visits.
  • LGBTQ+-Centered Discussion: Focusing discussions on the LGBTQ+ experience and history.
  • Technology Availability: You commit to ensuring the availability of necessary technology, such as a laptop, projector, and connector cables, for both virtual and in-person author presentations.
  • Distribution and Collection of Surveys: Surveys will be distributed to participants and collected at the conclusion of the chosen author visits, whether in person or virtually.
  • Post-Visit Survey Requirement: Educators are obliged to complete an online post-visit survey, contributing to the program's ongoing evaluation and improvement.
  • In-Person Book Signings and Photos: In-person book signings and group photos are considered integral to the visit experience. If any students wish to abstain from being photographed, please inform the photographer at the outset of the visit.

These terms ensure a smooth and effective experience for all involved parties, enhancing the quality and impact of the author visits and workshops facilitated by LGBTQ Writers in Schools.

Please Note:

  • This form will autosave every few seconds.
  • This form will take approximately 7 minutes to fill out.
  • You may only submit one application, but multiple educators from the same school can apply.

Start the Lammy submission process here.

Please review the guidelines before submitting.

Submitting to the Lammys is a 2-step process:

  • Step 1: Register by completing this quick form and paying the submission fee. After doing this, you'll receive an email confirmation with a link to step 2.
  • Step 2: Enter details about your book and upload the electronic file. Repeat this step for all books you're submitting. Physical copies are accepted for this cycle in addition to the electronic file.
  • Step 3 (optional but encouraged): Send us 3 physical copies of the submitted title. The mailing address will be provided in your confirmation email.

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